It’s a Windy time

Well boaters, we’re already more then half way through April and we’ve had some pretty windy times..! October and April are typically the windy months here on Lake Chelan.., but all the boats are handling it great, thanks to our heavy breakwater docks and the proper lines, snubbers and bumpers that are required. Please let me know if you need any help with making sure lines are secure and your fenders are in the proper locations. We normally get the wind from the N.W. direction down lake, but this time of year it can change in a minute.., so lets make sure your lines are set for wind from any direction. Having said that, the weather is getting warmer and we are seeing some beautiful calm water also. More boats are arriving every week.., I look forward to see everyone..!

Happy Boating..!

Dock Master Mark.

April 19th, 2021|

Changing Weather

Just a reminder that the weather can change quick around Lake Chelan.., yesterday was beautiful, and now today is cooler and windy..! So always have newer lines with the appropriate size with plenty of fenders and your boat should be able to ride out the windy rough weather safely. You can look up the proper way to tie your boat with the appropriate lines in the Rules and Reg’s section in the Sunset Marina rule book.  Or.., if you like, you’re welcome to come on down to the Marina and I’d be happy show you how. I know some other trick knots that are of great use for securing all sorts of things..!

February 25th, 2021|

End of January already

Morning all..!
February is just around the corner.., next thing you know it’ll be spring..! We’ve had a few really windy days so far this winter, a couple boats bumped the docks, nothing too bad.., it just shows why you need good quality lines that can handle the size boat you have. Also good to install heavy duty “rubber snubbers” to help take up some shock in the big wind gusts that can occur any time of the year..! I can help you “string” the snubbers on your line’s in the proper locations.., they can be a pain to install..! The lake is down about 11.5′, ramps are getting steeper..! Even if your boat is in dry storage, come on out and enjoy a brisk walk on the docks. Coffee is always available.

January 30th, 2021|

Snow in the Forecast

Hi Everyone,

There is a possibility of snow in the forecast for this week.  Be sure to watch your step if you access the dock!

December 7th, 2020|
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